What is a "limited batch"?
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What is a "limited batch"?

For true coffee aficionados, Jot’s limited batch releases are perfect ways to explore the rich array of sustainable, ethically grown coffees from all around the world.

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We released our newest limited batch, Encore, this week. If you’re new to Jot and aren’t sure what our limited batch events are all about, here’s everything you need to know.

While our everyday Ultra Coffee concentrates, Original and Dark, are carefully selected blends of beans, the limited batches showcase single-origin coffees from some of the world’s top specialty growers.

We only release these unique Ultra Coffees in small quantities – and they sell out fast (which is why we reserve early access for Jot subscribers only).

Each limited batch is designed to create a one-of-a-kind taste experience

The limited batches offer unique opportunities for flavor. With Encore, we wanted a coffee to celebrate fall’s grand finale, so we imagined a bright and crisp profile with warm notes of chocolate and cinnamon. 

The beans we selected captured that spirit perfectly. Handpicked by the CODECH women’s organic cooperative high atop Guatemala’s Sierra de los Cuchumatanes – some of the tallest peaks in Central America – they are dried in the bright mountain sun on the growers’ own patios.

Like all of our limited-batch brews, Encore makes a perfect addition to Jot’s range of world-class liquid coffee concentrates. It offers a chance to taste the subtle nuances of a truly remarkable coffee in all its clarity and purity of flavor, an experience that is only possible thanks to Jot’s advanced brewing technology.

Leading the push for gender equity in coffee farming

The beans for Encore – and all of our recent limited-batch coffee concentrates – come from women-owned organic farms and co-ops as part of Jot’s commitment to advancing gender equity in our supply chain. Our summer limited batch, Daydream, featured Rwandan beans from the Abakundakawa women’s cooperative:
Abakundakawa women's coffee cooperative, in Rwanda
And beans for spring’s Wavelength were sourced from Finca La Virgen in Nicaragua: 
Woman-owned coffee farm, Finca la Virgen, in Nicaragua

The ultimate goal of our gender equity initiatives is to help create new opportunities for women coffee farmers by helping provide greater access to education, technology, and positions of leadership.

Pure inspiration fuel

The bottle design for each limited batch is a custom work of art. The illustration for Encore was created by Brooklyn artist Steffi Lynn, who pulled her inspiration from the idea that, “Encore is the perfect coffee to cheer yourself on for the final stretch of productivity before winter truly begins.”

For true coffee aficionados, Jot’s limited batch Ultra Coffee concentrates are perfect ways to explore the rich array of sustainable, ethically grown coffees from all around the world.

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