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5 New Year's Resolutions 

Worth Keeping – Coffee Edition.

If you're looking for the easiest (and most delicious) at-home coffee that won't break the bank, look no further. It's easy to see why Jot has become an internet obsession.

12/12/22 | Jot Labs

1. Spend less on coffee this year.

This isn't instant coffee, it's coffee instantly. With Just One Tablespoon, you'll have perfect at-home coffee in seconds. At a fraction of the time and price of traditional coffee, you'll be saving in seconds. 

Sip. Save. Repeat.

2. Ditch single-use drinkware with a free welcome gift.

Bye bye pods and plastics. Shrink your coffee footprint with reusable drinkware. And since we're feeling generous, we'll throw one in for free with your first order. 

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3. Support women produced coffee.

  • 50% of beans sourced from women coffee producers

  • Specialty grade, sustainably grown beans

  • 60% more yield per bean thanks to our proprietary brewing method

  • 100% composted grounds

  • Recyclable bottle & packaging

Try Coffee With a Conscience

4. Break up with big coffee.

Mega coffee conglomerates are yesterday's news. No more waiting in line, no more overpriced coffee. Make your coffee YOUR way with Jot. 

5. Declutter your kitchen. 

Clear off those countertops and get rid of your outdated, bulky, messy, equipment. One tiny bottle + a tablespoon is all you'll need to make every coffee drink imaginable. 

Just One Tablespoon - Endless Possibilities

Bonus Resolution: 

With a Jot subscription, this is the easiest routine you'll ever stick with. Enjoy 25% off all future orders. Pause, cancel or adjust at any time. Delivered free directly to your door.  

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