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Trio Coffee Kit


Original, Dark, Vanilla

42 Cups of Coffee

FREE Jot Tablespoon

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Duo Coffee Kit


Original, Dark

28 Cups of Coffee

FREE Jot Tablespoon

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Single Coffee Kit


14 Cups of Coffee

FREE Jot Tablespoon

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Duo Subscription

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$2.63 Per Serving

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2 Bottles of Jot (Original & Dark)

28 Cups of Coffee

Free Iced Glasses + Tablespoon

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Duo One-Time

$149 $198

$2.48 Per Serving

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2 Bottles of Jot (Original & Dark)

28 Cups of coffee 

Free Tablespoon

Guaranteed to love it

5 Reasons Why Jot Makes the Best Gift

If you're looking for the easiest (and most delicious) gift on everyone's list, look no further than a Jot coffee starter kit. It's easy to see why Jot will become their newest obsession.

12/12/23 | Jot Labs

1. They'll spend less on coffee this season.

This isn't instant coffee, it's coffee instantly. With Just One Tablespoon, you'll have perfect at-home coffee in seconds. At a fraction of the time and price of traditional coffee, your recipients will be saving in seconds. 

2. Their new routine will ditch single-use drinkware

Say goodbye to pods and plastic. Shrink your coffee footprint with Jot. And since we're feeling generous, we'll throw in a FREE Jot tablespoon to make sure they get the perfect pour every time. 

3. Supports women produced coffee.

  • 50% of beans sourced from women coffee producers

  • Specialty grade, sustainably grown beans

  • 60% more yield per bean thanks to our proprietary brewing method

  • 100% composted grounds

  • Recyclable bottle & packaging

4. Made for making THEIR way.

Just one tablespoon – endless possibilities. WIth Jot they can make their coffee exactly how they like it. Lattes, cold brew, americano, cappucino and beyond, Jot makes the perfect cup every time.

5. Declutter their kitchen. 

Clear off those countertops and get rid of outdated, bulky, messy, equipment. One tiny bottle + a tablespoon is all they'll need to make every coffee drink imaginable. 


This is the easiest gift you'll give all season. Simply select the coffee starter kit, and we'll ship your gift directly to your recipient. Gifting made impossibly simple.