• How has Jot responded to COVID-19

    Jot is produced with an obsessive attention to craft and quality in an FDA registered facility, following strict food manufacturing quality standards to protect finished products from contamination of any kind. Our quality team is tasked with observing every aspect of bottling, from ingredients to pallet stacking, at every production event, to ensure compliance with all Jot’s internal standards as well as all local and federal safety standards.

    Unlike many e-commerce companies, Jot owns and operates its own warehousing and fulfillment center in Boulder CO, giving us ultimate control over quality and safety through assembly, packing and shipment. Our skilled fulfillment specialists are required to wear protective gear while building your orders. Regular hand washing and sanitizing breaks are enforced for both the safety of your package, and health of our team members.

    Jot ships all of its packages to you via UPS and USPS. Each of these carriers has put policies into place to limit direct contact between drivers, packages, and recipients for your safety. Click here to review our primary carrier's published policy. In addition, The World Health Organization has offered this answer to the following question: Is it safe to receive packages from any area where COVID-19 has been reported? WHO: “Yes. The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.” Click here to review WHO's full Q&A on COVID-19.

  • What is Ultra Coffee?

    Ultra Coffee is coffee in its purest, most delicious form. From a proprietary extraction process comes a liquid 20 times more concentrated than regular coffee, resulting in an unparalleled combination of flavor, freshness and convenience. A tablespoon of Ultra Coffee (plus a splash of water or milk) is all you need to transform your daily coffee ritual.

  • How many cups of coffee can I make with a bottle?

    Each bottle is packed with enough coffee to make 14 standard 8-10oz cups. But don’t limit yourself to Americanos! Ultra Coffee is totally versatile, and can serve as anything from a functional boost of energy to a smoothie, to a decadent drizzle over vanilla ice cream.

  • Is it organic? Fair trade?

    We source beans from organic and fair trade farms from premier growing regions in South and Central America. Once brewed, 100% of our spent grounds are composted for use as soil amenders for farming. It’s better for the planet, better for the farmers, and better for you.

  • How do you use Ultra Coffee?

    With Ultra Coffee, mouthwatering, magical coffee is just a tablespoon away. Take your coffee black? Combine Ultra Coffee with hot or cold water. Latte lover? Swap that water for whole, almond or oat milk. On a keto kick? Mix a little half and half with a shot of Ultra Coffee for a breve. Feeling nostalgic? Add a spoon of Ultra Coffee to grandma’s banana bread recipe. The possibilities are endless.

  • Can I drink Ultra Coffee straight?

    Yes, but keep in mind that just one tablespoon of Ultra Coffee contains as much caffeine as a strong cup of black coffee (140-150mg on average). Go easy to avoid the jitters!

  • How much caffeine is in a serving?

    The caffeine content of Ultra Coffee can vary slightly, between 140-150mg per tablespoon. The range is due primarily to the natural variation in soils, climate and the precise time of the harvest. By comparison, the average cup of coffee can range from as little as 75mg to as much as 200mg per cup. This is due to a wide number of variables including coffee bean source, roast profile, amount of coffee used, brew times, brew temperatures and brew method. With Ultra Coffee, we recommend you start with just one tablespoon and see where it takes you.

  • Does Ultra Coffee need to be refrigerated? What’s the shelf life?

    Refrigeration is required after opening. We doubt you’ll have any left over, but just in case, Ultra Coffee should be consumed within 20-30-days of opening. When in doubt, check the bottom of your bottle for a “drink by” date.

  • Where is Ultra Coffee sold?

    Ultra Coffee is only available online at jot.co. This enables us to deliver the freshest possible coffee directly to your door, at the most affordable price.

  • How do subscriptions work?

    If you’re like us, coffee is a non-negotiable part of your day. You’re uncompromising about your brew, and for good reason. You like the good stuff. Keep the goodness flowing with fresh Ultra Coffee delivered to your door just when you need it, and save 16.67% in the process. Once subscribed you can fine tune your settings, add an extra bottle, or update your personal info at any time. Know you’ll be on vacation one week? You can easily skip a delivery, or message us and we’ll do it for you. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. No funny business, we mean it.

  • How much does shipping cost? How long will it take?

    Ordering 2 or more bottles? We'll cover the cost of shipping for you. More sipping, less shipping. Starting with just one bottle, this may be subject to a flat $6 shipping charge. We strive to fulfill all orders (placed Monday through Friday) same-day that are placed by 4pm MT. Orders placed on Sat & Sun are fulfilled the following Monday. In need of a caffeine fix a little sooner? Choose an express shipping option (overnight or guaranteed 2-day) during checkout for an additional cost. We get the urgency. No judgement.

  • What if I don't like it? What's your return policy?

    We're true to our brew. Which means we've gone to great lengths to source the best possible beans, roast them in a manner that maximizes flavor and smoothness, and extract them into a liquid that's perfect every time. Having that said, we get that food can be subjective. If you don’t love Ultra Coffee, return for a full refund. No hassle.

  • Are the bottles recyclable?

    The short answer: yes. We chose an Italian glass bottle both for its beauty, and for the sake of recyclability and de-materialization. We do recommend, however, that you remove the cork for easier processing by your local municipality (a pair of pliers will do the trick). And if you're in the mood to upcycle, repurpose bottles as flower vases, cooking oil  and vinegar containers, the sky's the limit.

  • How do I get a custom engraved spoon?

    We hate to spoil the surprise, but a custom engraved tablespoon comes free of charge with your first purchase of Ultra Coffee.

  • Can I gift a bottle and spoon to a friend?

    Absolutely. If it's not your first purchase though, our custom engraved spoon will not automatically be added to the purchase. Prior to placing your gift order, please reach out to us at hello@jot.co so we can be sure to include this with your order.

  • Where do I apply my discount code?

    We don't discount often - instead pricing Ultra Coffee as affordably as we can every single day - but when we do offer a code, this can applied on the first page of checkout. Only one code at a time can be applied, and other restrictions may apply.