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Easy by Design: Garmin

In our Easy by Design series we explore innovative, well-designed products, services, and experiences. This week: the Garmin fēnix 7 watch.

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At Jot, we have a flex office culture, with remote teams and partners all over the country, across multiple time zones. This can make it challenging to stay connected while moving at a fast pace.

So whenever we encounter a product or service that promises to streamline things – and then actually delivers – we become diehards.

I asked our Growth Marketing Manager, Tyler, if he’s discovered any products lately that fit that bill. His pick: his new Garmin fēnix® 7 watch.

Tyler is home-based at our Boulder, Colorado office, where he spends his downtime skiing, hiking, camping, and just generally enjoying all of the Colorado-y things.

It covers my outdoor needs, my productivity and tech needs, as well as it’s actually a fantastic-looking watch.

As he explained to me, the Garmin fēnix 7 is a perfect companion for him. “When I got my fēnix,” he said, “I was able to combine so many of my needs into one. I hate constantly looking at my phone – I’m old school like that. I’ve also worn a watch since I was 11 years old.

“On top of that, I’m an Eagle Scout so I’m constantly trying to ‘be prepared.’ This thing streamlines everything for me. It covers my outdoor needs, my productivity and tech needs, as well as it’s actually a fantastic-looking watch."

Quality Score: 9/10

Garmin tests the fēnix 7 to U.S. military standards for heat, shock, and water resistance. And Tyler’s model comes with Garmin's Sapphire scratch-resistant lens. He was enthusiastic about the quality. “There’s a price to it, but it’s bulletproof and reliable,” Tyler said.

Plus, “Garmin makes most of their high-end watches with a Sapphire glass option. Not worrying about scratching something you paid a lot of money for is great piece of mind.”

“The watch certainly isn’t small,” he noted, “but I suppose there’s something rugged and appropriate about that.

Convenience Score: 10/10

The convenience factor was something Tyler was even more impressed by. Garmin designed the fēnix 7 to perform a host of tasks that might otherwise require him to pick up a phone or use another piece of hardware or wearable.

Not only does it include navigation, mapping, and connectivity features like text, email, and phone, but it also measures and tracks health metrics, plays music, and offers performance coaching.

“It isn’t just for one activity or one purpose, which is why I never have to take it off. I get all my messages, calendar notifications, and health metrics on it. And I love hanging up on people when they call and not even having to get my phone.”

Ease Score: 7/10

Ease is the only area where Tyler would like to see improvements. “Unlike other Garmin watches,” he said, “this one is controlled by buttons rather than by a touchscreen. There’s reason to that (like not bumping the screen on a hike) but the touchscreen is still something I wish I could still have.

On the flip side, Tyler’s version of the watch includes an option that makes up for the touchscreen frustration: “It’s freakin’ solar! So I don’t have to charge it every week like my last one. The solar options used to not come with [the scratch-resistant] Sapphire glass, so this is the best update ever.”

Our Takeaway

It often seems as if the proliferation of new products and services that claim to make life easier actually just makes it more hectic and more frustrating. But the designers at Garmin took to their task with creativity and care – and delivered.

The fēnix 7 is the perfect companion for the tech-savvy weekend warrior who just wants to get out in the woods and not have to stare at their phone constantly. Because, like Tyler, they're old school like that.


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