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Jot Caramel Macchiato

You don’t need to pay the “Big ‘Bucks” for your special-occasion coffee treats. Skip the drive-thru and make your order your way, in no time, with Ultra Coffee.

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Caramel makes everything better. It's an instant bad-mood eliminator, like putting on a great playlist first thing in the morning or tapping into the flow of a solid creative session.

Next time you need an instant pick-me-up, you can save yourself time and hassle by skipping the coffeeshop drive-thru and treating yourself to a homemade caramel macchiato.

With Ultra Coffee concentrate, it’s a breeze to make. You don’t need an espresso machine or a moka pot, you just need a tablespoon of Jot.

Make your own caramel macchiato with Ultra Coffee concentrate

When it comes to an indulgence like a homemade caramel macchiato, a good rule of thumb is: Make it rare but make it count.

This recipe for homemade caramel macchiato using Ultra Coffee concentrate is exactly that. It’s not so rich that it will put you down instead of picking you up, but still decadent enough to satisfy your craving for a sweet treat.

And since it's made with Ultra Coffee concentrate, you can whip it up at home in seconds – no fancy equipment needed – and at a fraction of what it would cost if you ordered it from a chain coffee place.

As with all of our Ultra Coffee recipes, the DIY caramel macchiato is super customizable. You can make it sweeter or less sweet if you like. You can leave out the dairy and make it vegan if that’s more your speed.

Another fun way to make this recipe your own is to play with how you drizzle the caramel. The classic chain coffee method is to give the surface of the foamed milk (or whipped cream) a scribble of caramel, but the way we like to make it at Jot is to use a glass mug, tilted slightly, and drizzle down the inside edge of the glass.

Sure, it’s extra…extra special. So, here's how to save a few bucks at the coffee shop and still treat yourself to a delicious, soul-soothing caramel macchiato.

How to Make a Caramel Macchiato with Coffee Concentrate

  • 8 oz milk (any type, dairy or non-dairy)
  • 1 tbsp vanilla syrup (or to taste)
  • 1 tbsp Ultra Coffee concentrate
  • Caramel sauce, to drizzle

To make a caramel macchiato at home with no fancy equipment, all you need to do is: First, warm the milk in a small pot on the stove. Then froth it with a wire whisk or in a mason jar, or by using one of these easy milk frothing techniques.

Next, add the vanilla syrup and Ultra Coffee concentrate to your mug, stir to mix. If you really want to get some budget barista points, make your own vanilla syrup (spoiler alert: it’s so simple you’ll never buy pump syrup again).

Add the frothed warm milk to the vanilla-liquid coffee concentrate mixture, and then drizzle the surface of the frothed milk with caramel sauce.

How to make a homemade caramel macchiato with Ultra Coffee concentrate

For more ways to save your budget by breaking the drive-thru habit, browse our full collection of recipes using Ultra Coffee concentrate.

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