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How to make concentrated coffee at home

When you need to make coffee for a crowd (but don’t want to use up all your Jot), try whipping up a batch of homemade concentrated coffee. Here’s how.

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We’ve all been there. A crowd of people is coming over tomorrow, but your next Jot shipment isn’t going to arrive in time. Or maybe a crowd is coming and you just don’t want to waste the good stuff on them. All you have handy is a dusty old French press that you haven’t used once since discovering the miracle of Ultra Coffee. What are you supposed to do? 

How are you going to make good coffee for a crowd without using Jot?

Lucky for you, we’ve got your back. Here’s our favorite recipe for whipping up a batch of homemade concentrated coffee. While it’s not as easy and tasty as Ultra Coffee, it’s easy and tasty...enough.

What is concentrated coffee?

Concentrated coffee is basically just super concentrated cold brew that you dilute in water or milk. 

It’s easy to make at home and is very convenient when you need to serve coffee for a crowd but your usual brew method doesn’t make large enough batches. 
It’s also versatile. If you’re the type of coffee drinker who likes a hot coffee in the morning and a quick homemade cold brew in the afternoon, this is a great solution. 
Here’s our favorite recipe for whipping up a batch of homemade concentrated coffee. While it’s not as easy and tasty as Ultra Coffee, it’s easy and tasty...enough.
One batch of pre-made concentrate lets you easily whip up a black cup of joe or an iced latte, whatever you like, as easily as you could with freeze-dried instant coffee (but much more deliciously). 

But is it Ultra Coffee?

Before we get to the best recipe for homemade concentrated coffee, a couple quick notes. 

There’s a difference between “concentrated coffee” and the liquid coffee concentrate that we make here at Jot. We brew Ultra Coffee using highly technical equipment. In a home kitchen you simply can’t do what we do. 

Homemade concentrated coffee is basically just extra-strong cold brew. It has a maximum potency of only about 2–3 times normal drip brew, pour-over, or French press coffee. Ultra Coffee is 20 times as strong. 

While homemade concentrate may be’s still not “Ultra Coffee” strong. 

Another downside to making at home concentrate is that, since Jot liquid coffee concentrate is 20x the potency of normal coffee it naturally prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. 

The same thing can’t be said for home-brewed concentrate. It must be refrigerated and consumed within about two weeks, undiluted. 

So now that you understand that the recipe below is not a D.I.Y. version of Jot Ultra Coffee, here’s the best way to make coffee concentrate at home (for use in both hot and iced coffee):

Homemade Concentrated Coffee

    • 12 oz coarse-ground coffee beans
    • 6.5 cups water (room temperature or cold)
      Step 1: Put ground coffee in a large bowl or pot  and gently stir in the water until all grounds are completely wet. Cover with a clean towel or cheesecloth and let sit out on your kitchen counter overnight, for roughly 24 hours.

      Step 2: Uncover and pour contents through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth into a large pitcher, jar, or some other container that will fit in your refrigerator. Give the contents plenty of time to filter through the strainer, undisturbed. This may take from 30 minutes to an hour. Cover and store in your refrigerator (mason jars are great for this) for up to two weeks.

      Step 3: To enjoy your homemade concentrate as a hot coffee, dilute the concentrate by using 2 parts boiling water to 1 part concentrate. For a great cold brew, fill a glass with ice and use 2 parts water or milk of your choice to 1 part concentrate. You can always make your finished cup of coffee stronger or lighter by adjusting the amount of water. (Just remember that you’ll need to use it all up within about two weeks.)

      Of course the easier, tastier, and cleaner way of making concentrated coffee is not to make it at all and just use Jot instead.

      Jot Ultra Coffee is the purest, best-tasting coffee concentrate in the world. We make use a unique brew method that perfectly highlights the richness and nuance of truly great organic coffee in a form that’s 20x as strong as normal brewed coffee. 

      With just one tablespoon of Ultra Coffee, you can make a barista-quality hot cup or cold brew, your way, in an instant.

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