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Why nurses love Jot (and vice versa)

We always love hearing the ways people use Ultra Coffee. Nurses have become one of our favorite groups of superfans. Read how they're using Jot to make a tough job just a little easier.

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When Jot’s founders, Andrew and Palo, discovered the brew technology that ultimately led them to create Jot Ultra Coffee, what excited them most was how limitless the possibilities were. With just one tablespoon, Ultra Coffee lets you have perfect organic coffee, exactly how you like it, in seconds.

Because Jot was made to be so simple and versatile, people constantly tell us about new ways they’re using Ultra Coffee to make their lives easier and more delicious.

Why nurses love Jot Ultra Coffee concentrate

Nurses, in particular, have absolutely fallen in love with how easy Jot makes it to have great coffee anytime, anywhere. Ultra Coffee concentrate has become a go-to coffee for nurses, especially for long night shifts. And we couldn’t be prouder.

A one-cup wonder

With its single-serve format, Jot liquid coffee concentrate has all of the convenience of old-fashioned instant coffee but with the full, rich taste of the best organic beans in the world. It’s essentially the best instant coffee in existence.
The best coffee for nurses is Jot liquid coffee concentrate“This is good coffee,” Bobby, an ICU nurse, told us. “But most importantly, it's quick and easy to prepare. It is so great that I don't have to wait for a brew and deal with cleaning out a filter. I just dump [Ultra Coffee] in a mug and go. I expected typical instant coffee taste, but this is a full bodied brew.”

Cara is another nurse who simply doesn’t have time to wait for a whole pot to brew: “Being a night shift nurse and not wanting to brew a whole pot of coffee for just one cup this Jot coffee is perfect and saves time and money for this hard-working mama nurse!”Jot liquid coffee concentrate is the easiest way to make coffee at work

A 12-hour shift must-have

Our nurse customers told us a big frustration they have is that being always on the go often makes it hard to drink hot cafeteria coffee before it cools off, so iced coffee and cold brew tends to be how they drink coffee, especially during night shifts.

“Let me tell you, this tiny little bottle packs a whole lot of punch." – Jessica, R.N.

But iced coffees get expensive and watery as the ice melts, making Jot a perfect alternative.

“Let me tell you, this tiny little bottle packs a whole lot of punch,” Jessica told us. “Being a nurse, I am a chronic caffeine fiend. Dunkin’ and Starbucks get a wee bit pricey day after day, so I decided to give this a try and I was NOT disappointed. I have a monthly subscription, the 3 pack, and it’s like Christmas morning every time that little box shows up on my doorstep.”


Nicole uses her Ultra Coffee as a way to power through long shifts by making it into a protein shake. Here's Nicole's Ultra shake recipe:

Night Nurse Power-Up:

  • 1 tbsp Jot
  • 8 oz milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • ice

Mix Jot, milk, and powder well, then pour over ice.  For more of a milk-shake texture, put all ingredients, with ice, in a blender.
The easiest way to make coffee at work
Find more great Jot recipes here.


Danielle wrote in to say, “I'm a nurse and I often don’t have time to run down to the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee or to make coffee before work so I just pop this in my locker at work and I have coffee at all times! Takes 2 seconds for a strong cup.”

Another nurse described the frustration this way: “I constantly struggle with my iced coffee melting throughout the day and all that money going to waste – not anymore. Having Jot has made my morning routine so much easier and I feel like my [own] personal barista now. The flavor is amazing too! Highly recommend to anyone, especially those who need coffee-on-the-go.”
Ultra Coffee concentrate is the easiest way to make coffee for night shift“I am a nurse and newly a father,” Dustyn told us. “I love cold brew and have a tough time finding the time to make my own cold brew. Jot has made this so much easier for me! A quick pour of some water, cream and some Jot and I’m ready to head out the door! It tastes great and super convenient.”

To all the nurses, doctors, PAs, RNAs, scribes, hospital staff, admins, and everyone else working on the medical front lines, Jot salutes you. We’re honored to be there with you, cheering you on and powering you through long nights and hectic days.

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