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Ultra Coffee concentrate is the go-to coffee for nurses
Ultra Coffee 101

Why nurses love Jot (and vice versa)

We always love hearing the ways people use Ultra Coffee. Nurses have become one of our favorite groups of superfans. Read how they're using Jot to make a tough job just a little easier.
Read Time: 5 minutes
10 great gifts for coffee lovers
Ultra Coffee 101

10 great gifts for coffee lovers...that aren’t coffee

You might think that, as a coffee company, we'd only list ten types of coffee in our 10 best coffee gifts roundup. But that would make for some boring gift-giving. So here's our dynamite list of the 10 best gifts for coffee lovers (none of which are coffee).
Read Time: 8 minutes
Jot Ultra Coffee concentrate
Ultra Coffee 101

What is coffee concentrate?

How you make your coffee is about to change forever. Liquid coffee concentrate lets you have your coffee order your way, at home, in seconds.
Read Time: 6 minutes


How to Jot

The essential recipes for making barista-level drinks at home, in an instant, with Ultra Coffee concentrate.

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