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How to make the best New Year's brunch cocktail: the Ultra Coffee Mimosa

Ultra Coffee Mimosa

Make this your go-to New Year’s brunch cocktail. It’s super classy, and it's an absolute breeze to make, so your guests won’t have any idea that you whipped it up in seconds.
Read Time: 2 minutes
How to make mocha fudge brownies with Ultra Coffee concentrate

Ultra Mocha Caramel Fudge Brownies

Jot's People Operations Manager, Katie, created this Ultra Mocha Caramel Fudge Brownie recipe. It's a hypnotic flavor experience, best enjoyed with eyes closed.
Read Time: 6 minutes
Inspiration Fuel: Melissa Goodwin Shepherd
Inspiration Fuel

Inspiration Fuel: Melissa Goodwin Shepherd

“The trick is to start.” – Animator Melissa Goodwin Shepherd on managing distractions, making every project your own, and the importance of surrounding yourself with creative people
Read Time: 10 minutes


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The essential recipes for making barista-level drinks at home, in an instant, with Ultra Coffee concentrate.

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